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Tom Yum Or King Kung Pao: These Protein Rich Noodles Are Truly A Blessing!


    What Makes It Awesome

    Whether it's midnight hunger pangs or random cravings for something spicy or just junk, we've all turned to instant noodles to satisfy our tastebuds. But, knowing how loaded these are with maida, we've always eaten these with #guilt. However, I'd say put all those worries to rest, as I've found an amazing substitute that's yummy and healthy.

    Called The SuperFood Factory, these guys specialise in healthy instant noodles. Or as they like to say it "super noodles for superhumans". Made from healthy alternatives and ingredients, these instant noodles come packaged in quirky boxes which are high on both protein and taste. Currently, they've got two yummy flavours (and our favourites) including Tom Yum & King Kung Pao. Oh, and did I mention these noodles are multi millets which mean you're treating your tummy with lots of proteins and fibre too! And by multi millet we mean these include a mix of finger millet, pearl millet, kodo millet, little millet, baynard millet, proso millet, sorghum millet, foxtail millet and quinoa millet. (Woah!)

    And the best part? This hot and heart-warming meal is ready in just 7 minutes. 


    Fun fact: their noodle boxes come with fun a fun crossword quiz for you! So, while you wait for the water to be boiled, find a word or two!