Bubble Of Fun: This Brand Is Making Bath Time Fun For Kids

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What Makes It Awesome

As kids, we were always curious to try out our mom's lipsticks, perfumes, creams and what not, but all we got to here was a resounding NO! It was this curiosity to try out beauty products as kids which led Roli Kapur to start Curiosity & I, a beauty and lifestyle brand solely for kids. They're all about blending natural ingredients with fun fragrances and flavour, making it super appealing for kids.

They're offering a range of body lotions with scents like apple cinnamon, chocolate vanilla and orange lemon. Apart from their body lotion, you can also opt for their body spray and body wash which is sure to leave your kid smelling fresh and amazing. Their products start from INR 399 and upwards.

The best part? Their website also lists most of the ingredients used for the products. Expect natural ingredients like Jojoba oil, vanilla oil, mango butter, a bunch of essential oils, witch hazel extract, aloe vera and lots more. You can check also shop their range on LBB.


So, we're saying, if you've got kids or nieces or friends who've got kids, this is a great gifting idea. It's safe, natural and most importantly super useful.