Pet Parents, This Brand Is The Pawfect Solution To All Your Pet Needs!

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If you’ve got a furry friend at home, we’re sure you appreciate pet cuddles after a long day and would definitely go all out to keep your pet happy and comfortable. As pet parents themselves, Petsy’s founders totally get any ups and downs that pet owners might be going through. That said, their dog Baxter was the reason they started this venture, and they’ve got all your pet needs under one roof. They’re on a mission to empower, educate and inspire pet parents across the country, so read on to see what Petsy has in store for you and what they’ve been up to.

Petssentials on Petsy

Whether your cat or dog is a fussy eater, or the kind that’s happy with everything, Petsy has a wide range of flavours, brands and types of food to suit every diet and taste. What’s more, they’re extremely well stocked on pet treats, which come in handy when training your pet, or simply showering them with extra love. Choose from Dental Chew Bars, Freeze-dried single ingredient treats, biscuits & cookies, jerkies, creamy cat treats and much more. There's a treat for every occasion and guaranteed to bring happy wags and purrs.

A clean pet is a happy pet

Petsy makes home grooming of your pets super simple with their extensive range of easy at-home-use tools such as brushes, wipes, nail clippers, dental sets and much more. They’ve even got a range of hygiene products, given that flea and tick season is no light matter. Check out products right from Tropiclean spot-on treatments, to flea combs, to shampoos, massage oils and repelling sprays to keep your pet itch-free and tick-free!

Pet love during lockdown

Even during the lockdown, Petsy has found a way to give pet parents access to essentials for their pets. They are delivering ALL pet essentials pan India and have a guaranteed delivery of 72 hours for Mumbai. Neat right?

Giving back to the animal community

Petsy believes that every animal deserves an identity, and the right to be treated equally. Wouldn’t you agree? To make a difference in less fortunate animals’ lives, part of the proceeds from purchases on Petsy go towards animal welfare undertakings across the country. Petsy was able to donate 450kg of dog and cat food to welfare organisations such as Save the Paws, YODA and World For All Animal Adoptions to ensure that street animals didn’t go hungry over the last couple of months.

Loyalty program

Petsy also has a loyalty program that is super easy to use! Earn points every time you purchase and redeem these as vouchers. You can also refer a friend and be rewarded! Who knew shopping for their best friend could be so rewarding?

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let the lockdown get in the way of pampering your pet! Check out Petsy for an exciting range of all kinds of pet products, and rest assured your contribution will be put to good use. We’re sure your furry friend would approve!