Movie Night Or Picnic Day: Brands We Trust For The Best Gourmet Popcorn


    Served in fancy and chic steel tins and available in a dozen offbeat and wacky flavours  - say hello to the giant gourmet popcorn industry. Most of us here grew up munching on classic salt, cheese or caramel. But today, we've got a truckload of options. We're talking about Himalayan sea salt, wasabi, chocolate, mocha and many more. Woohoo! 

    We're listing down a few local popcorn brands that are entirely dedicated to this snack. Perfect for a winter evening, snuggling up with a film and a cuppa hot chocolate or to head off on a picnic

    4700 BC Popcorn

    Apparently, the history of popcorn dates back to as old as 4700 BC. Hence, the founder decided to name his brand 4700 BC, which also happens to be the first gourmet popcorn brand in India. And they're offering some wacky and unimaginable flavours. 21 to be precise.   

    Flavours To Try:  Expect nutty tuxedo, Jamaican rum, Himalayan salt caramel, sour cream and wasabi. 

    Price: INR 49 and upwards. 

    #LBBTip: You can recycle their fancy tin boxes and use it as a pencil/pen holder or store your knick-knacks. 

    Popcorn & Co

    Popcorn & Co.

    Available on LBB

    Manufactured using the best corn sourced from farms across the globe and finest ingredients, Popcorn & Co. is here to give popcorn a gourmet twist. Handcrafted with love in their signature green and purple tins, they've got an array of 12 popcorn flavours on offer. And they've got great options when it comes to assortment and combos as well. 

    Flavours To Try: Choco caramel, blueberry and red velvet, cheesy siracha, hazelnut and chilli caramel. 

    Price: Starts from INR 190 and upwards. 

    The Crunch Box

    The Crunch Box

    Available Online

    Kickstarted by popcorn fanatics, The Crunch Box brings to us the wackiest popcorn flavours. Made in-house following their own recipes, their range of popcorns are kinda addictive. While it's their crunchy popcorn and drool-worthy flavours that made us fall in love with them, it's also their cute and quirky tin boxes that plays a role here.  

    Flavours To Try: Classic pizza crunch (must try), sundried tomato & herbs, smokehouse BBQ, wasabi, English toffee, Indi minty mania.   

    Price: INR 120 and upwards. 

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    Popcorn Fusion

    Popcorn Fusion

    Available on LBB

    A staple for many while shopping in malls, Popcorn Fusion has our vote for offering an array of sweet and savoury flavours. And if you've got a sweet tooth, they've got a jar of magical fruity-candy popcorn. 

    Flavours To Try: Butter caramel, peri peri, cheesy cheddar cheese, sizzling herbs, nutty double chocolate. 

    Price: INR 199 and upwards. 

    Planet Popcorn

    Planet Popcorn

    Available Online

    Started in 2010 by a bunch of young professionals to turn the ordinary popcorn into a fun snack with the twin power of health and taste. Each tin of popcorn is freshly made by a chef (and not machines) with the finest ingredients and imported corn kernels. From your classic favourites to wacky ones, Planet Popcorn has got it all. 

    Flavours To Try: Lemon pataka, cheese, butter toffee, chilli devil, tandoori masala, chocolate. 

    Price: INR 60 and upwards. 

    Ultra Pop

    Ultra Pop is another local brand specialising in gourmet popcorn. If you're not a fan of experimenting and love your classics, this brand is for you. You can order their popcorn by DM-ing them on Facebook or order directly from Amazon, Flipkart or Big Basket. 

    Flavours To Try: Classic & simply salted, peri peri, Indian masala, cheese. 

    Price: INR 99 and upwards. 


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