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Sustainability, FTW: This Smart Notebook = 500 Traditional Notebooks


    What Makes It Awesome

    "There has to be a better way" This is all where it started.

    A little background first: now, we all are very well aware of the environmental impact of trees being cut for paper. A considerate share of this paper goes into making notebooks, diaries and journals - which you and me - use on a daily basis. Sure, we try and reduce our carbon footprint by taking notes on our electronic devices, typing it out on a Word Doc or inbox. But, if you're an old-school person like me, you'd know that these don't give that same feeling which pen and paper give. Solution? Read the first phrase again!

    And there was one. 

    Enter: Infinote 

    Started by a bunch of entrepreneurs in 2018, their mission was not just to innovate something earth-friendly but also invent a smarter way to maintain notes without misplacing them. They came up with a fantastic range of smart notebooks which they call Infinote. Unlike the traditional notebooks, these are made from stone. Yep, you read it right. Fun fact: when a stone is compressed under heat and pressure, it can be rolled into sheets, like paper. Not just that! Stone paper is waterproof, can be reused and erased with a wet cloth (just like a whiteboard) and is tear-proof. Need we say more? I'm sold! 

    Wait, there's more. Everything noted in these smart notebook can be easily synced and connected with an app - Infinote App. Which means you can literally digitise all your notes at a snap of your finger. All you've got to do is just point your phone camera to the page, scan and there, it's automatically saved to your email or drive.  

    Woah! This is really mind-blowing, folks! Another fun fact: their one smart notebook = 500 traditional notebooks. So you not only are saving millions of trees but also saving money. The best part? These come more or less at the same price as the traditional diaries. Their price range varies from INR 699 to INR 1,499.


    Their Infinote box includes a 90 pages smartbook  (A5 size) book, two pens with special erasable ink (black + blue), one microfiber cleaning cloth and an environmental-friendly card box.   

    Now, this is a great deal!