8 Lighting Options That'll Help You Switch To A Natural Lifestyle

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Lighting plays an important role when it comes to setting the mood or vibe of your space! Over the last few decades, lighting and light accents have evolved massively. Today, they’re available in different sizes, shapes and colours! Definitely, the time has come to say buh-bye to your boring tube lights and elevate your lighting game! 

2020-21 were the years when sustainable lighting options saw a peak! This essentially means accent lights made from biodegradable materials or materials that are conscious and earth-friendly! Think paper mache, rattan, terracotta, bamboo, jute etc.

Here’s a list of a few sustainable lighting options that’s sure to brighten your home 2022! 

PS: most options here are slightly on the higher end when it comes to price point, but it’s surely taking you one step closer to being a conscious shopper and do your bit for the Earth!  

Floral Terracotta Pendant Light

Tulip Terracotta Pendant Lamp

Tulip Terracotta Pendant Lamp


A popular eco-friendly material that’s also called baked Earth, terracotta is increasingly making its way into the trending decor bracket. And we’re totally going to recommend Earth Heart’s ceiling lamp that is making the humble terracotta so cool! This one isn’t that big, so is perfect to place above your study area, dining table any empty corner in your living room!

Earth Heart is known for its earth-loving decor and kitchenware collection that brings together a great blend of rustic charm and minimalism. 

Aesthetic Bamboo-Made Ceiling Lamp

Orbit Pendant Lamp

Orbit Pendant Lamp


Of the many creations, Mianzi specializes in ethically handmade lighting options. For those hearing this brand name for the first time, Mianzi is a sustainable decor e-store that offers aesthetic bamboo-only furniture, decor and more. Well, they’re an award-winning brand for their efforts towards sustainable decor, so, sure can trust these guys when it comes to making a conscious choice for your home!  

If you’re looking to add a chic rustic charm, their bamboo pendant lighting options will leave you impressed. It’s best to buy these in sets and set these up in your living room! 

Upcycled Glass Bottle Lamps

Paint Down Textured Bottle-Ful Light

Paint Down Textured Bottle-Ful Light


If there’s anything in this list that counts for an impulsive buy, it’s these bottle lamps! Handmade and upcycled from scrap products, Pretty Things India, a Mumbai-based brand, offers stunning bottle lamps that make an even a great gifting option. These handmade beauties are ideal for adding a pop of drama to your workspace, coffee table or bedside table even. 

True to their tagline “We truly believe no waste should be waste” these bottle lamps are made from scrapped bottles and turned into beautiful decor pieces. 

PS: You can also get a customised one made from scratch! 

Contemporary Banana Paper Lamp

Dandelion Pendant Lamp

Dandelion Pendant Lamp


An emerging eco-textile, Oorjaa does amazing (albeit kinda pricey) lighting options using banana paper. Now, coming to their stunning contemporary lighting collection that’s nothing less than statement pieces you’d find in fancy art galleries! 

Our favourite one in this dandelion shaped pendant light. The bedroom and living room are the two spaces I see this light fit in best! However, if your space is compact, we’d say don’t opt for this one! This lamp is best for bigger spaces/villas I’d say! However, they’ve got many more options when it comes to pendant lightings. Browse through them here.  

Fun Fact: All of their collection is made in their studio that’s also considered as India’s first artisanal paper studio and Bangalore’s first green building.

Textured Cane Ceiling Light

Basic Cane Lamp

Basic Cane Lamp

A budget-friendly buy, this cane ceiling lighting option is ideal for compact Indian homes! It’s not too big, nor too small! It’s also a great way to add a hint of nature into your home! To maximise its look and feel, pair this light around your indoor garden if you’ve got one! 

Handcrafted Bamboo Floor Lamp

Handcrafted Bamboo Floor Lamp

Handcrafted Bamboo Floor Lamp


Creation of the iconic Dilli Haat brand - Arthat - this floor lamp is compact, gives charming #VintageVibes and adds an ideal addition to your living room! The floor lamp, that's handmade using bamboo and imported pine wood, is a great way to bring home a tiny portion of nature.    

A pleasant mix of traditional and contemporary, Arthat is known for its 'less is more' themed handcrafted products and sustainability ideology! 

Fairy Light Infused Concrete Table Lamp

Grey Reinforced Concrete Handcrafted Table Lamp

Grey Reinforced Concrete Handcrafted Table Lamp

We hear statement lights are going to be big in 2022 and this table lamp surely fits the bill! A concrete lamp that comes with an unconventional bulb infused with fairy lights, this cement beauty is surely going to grab eyeballs! Industrial minimalism, wabi-sabi charm and pretty fairy lights - this lamp is worth the splurge!      

Boho Macrame Lamp

Munited Macramé Lamp


Macrame is one boho trend that refuses to die and we're not complaining! Elegant, all-white and fine details - this ceiling lamp is a great addition to your dining room, lobby/foyer or living room event! And for INR 1400, this statement lighting is surely a steal! We'd say place this against a background with dark hues to make the most of this decor accent.