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Our Of The Box: This Sustainable Brands Needs Your Attention!


    What Makes It Awesome

     Ksamah (pronounced as sha-ma-h), is derived from a Sanskrit word which means 'pure As god'. Kickstarted in August 2020, this homegrown brand was sowed on the seeds of zero-waste, sustainability and organic. Specialising in eco-friendly boxes, the good peeps at Ksamah are on a mission to offer sustainable alternatives in our daily lives and make it more healthy and natural.

    They've curated three amazing ecological boxes called a home box, office/car box and travel box. The ecological home box has been carefully curated to instil a healthy lifestyle in your routine. This box consists of 9 products, including biodegradable dinnerware, sustainable coffee cup, disposable dinnerware, bamboo cutlery, bamboo toothbrush, steel bottle, bamboo towels, soap and shampoo bar. If you're looking for something for your office space, they've got a box for that too. Oh, and these make great gifts as well for your fellow colleagues. This one includes steel bottle, coffee cup, paper straws and more. Lastly, you can also opt for their travel box. And the interesting thing about their products have an environment design to make them look cooler. For instance, think wildlife theme, which helps raise awareness about endangered species. How cool is that? Not just that. To ensure you make an informed decision, their website also displays the carbon footprints of each of their products. For instance, their one eco-friendly coffee mug saves up to 70 paper mugs which would have landed up in landfills.   

    Their range varies from INR 600 and goes up to INR 5,000. 


    Oh, and they've also a bunch of sustainable jewellery on offer! So, do check that out too!