Umbrellas, Raincoats & More: Brands To Trust For Monsoon Essentials

Monsoons have arrived and we’re gearing up for this season in an extra careful way in the midst of the pandemic. Here are some brands which will guide in a happy, peaceful and calm monsoon: 

Sun Umbrellas For Sturdy Umbrellas

Sun Umbrellas

Available Online

Can’t do without them, can we? Sun Umbrellas are found in almost every household and rightly so. Their umbrellas are sturdy, can stand the winds and will not give up on you even after years of use. They have great colours and range spans from plain umbrellas to many with designs and options. You can get 2-fold ones, 3-fold ones and the simple stick umbrellas. They also have cute options for kids and huge umbrellas which can fit the whole family.

Price: INR 350 – INR 2,500

Hit Play For Portable Umbrellas


Available Online

Hit Play has options for umbrellas when it comes to portability and utility. They have the good ol’ inverted umbrellas, umbrellas which fold into a capsule, hand-free ones and mini ones you can carry in your bag.

Price: INR 600 onwards

First Cry For Kid's Raingear


Available Online

Get your kiddo a good memorable raincoat from First Cry: they have over 80 colourful options catering to kids from 18 months of age to 8-year olds. You can shop raincoats with a Disney theme or according to your kid’s favourite colour. You can also choose the material you want for the raincoat and shop according to budget.

Price: INR 200 onwards

Versalis For Gum Boots

Need gumboots? Versalis has got you covered. They have well-built gumboots and ankle boots made especially for torrential rains. You can also browse for men and women’s rainwear which provides complete protection and comfort at the same time. You can also order in your boots and coats in bulk

Price: INR 800 onwards for boots

Ausum Tea Blends For A Calming Break


Available on LBB

We’re getting all cozy and warm in our blankets this monsoon, mostly because we’re working from home and don’t have to step out in puddles, which is why we highly recommend a strongly brewed cup of tea to keep some warm company. Ausum tea’s organic blends are strong, full of flavour and really help to calm the nerves after a tiresome day of work.

For all rain lovers, they have a flavour called Petrichor (we’re in love!) which is a green tea blend with notes of clove, peppercorn, liquorice, mint and fennel.

Price: INR 300 onwards

Cheeky Chunk For Funky Umbrellas

Cheeky Chunk

Available Online

Want umbrellas in funky styles and colours? Cheeky Chunk is for you if you’re bold, colourful and want your umbrella to be as unique as you. They have umbrellas made on Ramu's chai, vada pav, music doodles and one dedicated solely to the love for rains.

Price: INR 600 onwards