Byculla In A Day: Here's What To Do In The Neighborhood

    Dive Into Mumbai's History

    There is a replica of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, right here in Byculla! Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum is a gorgeous museum that has a lot of stories to share via the well-kept displays.  If you’re a history buff, a visit to this museum comes highly recommended! 

    #LBBTip-  It regularly holds art shows, exhibitions, and workshops too; check out the schedule and pop in for a show too! 

    Visit One Of The Oldest Churches In Mumbai!

    Originally built by the Portuguese in 1632, the Gloria Church was demolished in 1911, then rebuilt 2 years later in a Gothic Style. 160 feet tall turrets and lofty towers make for an impressive architecture…which means you’re getting great pictures for the gram! 

    Visit a Dargah Shaped Like The Taj Mahal

    Hasnabad Dargah

    Byculla, Mumbai

    The dargah does have a striking similarity to the architectural marvel Taj Mahal, with 4 minarets and a beautiful blue dome. While the dargah is open to all, only Islamilis, a branch of the Shia branch of Islam, are allowed to enter the inner tomb.

    Visit A Hundred Year Old Zoo

    The Byculla Zoo is famous all over the city, and for good reason. A century old, this green space in Mumbai is the oldest zoo in Maharashtra and is home to over 388 animals, birds and exotic species. It was in this zoo that the Humboldt penguins were brought down to Mumbai. 

    Eat Some Of The Best Kebabs In Town

    A visit to Byculla is incomplete without a pit-stop at Sarvi Restaurant. If you’ve been looking for the best kebabs in the city, your search ends here! Situated opposite Nagpada Police Station, this iconic establishment serves some of the most melt in your mouth kebabs in town. Soft, meaty and oh so delicious, stop by to relish a plate (or two) of the kebabs here, best paired with the over-sized tandoori roti!

    Shop For Vintage Items!

    Vintage watches, posters, old movies, antiques…there’s a huge market here for everything vintage. If you’re a lover of rustic spaces, or wish to revamp your home/work space, picking up some trinkets from this neighbourhood is highly recommended.

    Pro-tip: If you're looking to shop upscale, head to Great Eastern Home which is full of beautiful heritage furniture, art and curios.