Our Mane Pride And Joy: Byculla Zoo To Get New Animals Soon

Shaili posted on 23 January

The Animal Instinct

Come next month onwards, Mumbaikars will get to see some of the new animal additions made to Byculla Zoo. In its second phase of zoo revamp, the BMC is preparing to transport animals from four states, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Bihar, according to this report.

Train tickets have been booked for black bucks from Patna, lions from Junagadh, tigers from Aurangabad, wolves from Jodhpur, jackals from Surat, hyenas and three pairs of swamp deer (barasingha) from Lucknow and Kanpur, as per the same report.

The first phase, as we all remember, involved getting eight Humboldt penguins from Seoul in South Korea, after serious health complications, the plan is now to get animals from across the country as there is a greater chance of adaptation and survival, said the report.

While a lot of us try and go for safaris across the country to learn more about local wildlife, we're glad that the zoo's taking the initiative to bring some of them here, and also being sensitive to their needs and wants.