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Of Hot Chocolates, Cosy Corners & More: These Are Our Favourite Cafes In Bandra

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Full of cafes, bars and cobbled streets, we love Bandra and everything about it. If you live here, well done. And if you come here often for your night outs, there’s plenty for you to do. Hanging out at the umpteen cafes Bandra has to offer is one of the best ways to spend time either alone or with your friends.

Since we love cafes as much as we love Hill Road, or Pali Naka, here’s our guide to our favourite cafes in Bandra.

The Bagel Shop

The Bagel Shop is one of the hippest cafes in Bandra, and we love it for its green and chic ambiance. It has an outside area, and two inside sections. Our favourite place to get some work done  (they have WiFi here), or go on a coffee date. It also helps that the cafe is hidden, and in a really peaceful by-lane of Pali Hill. If you go here, you must try their bagels and affogato coffee.

What To Order: Egg In A Hole, BBQ Pork Ribs with raw mango slices, or the Pali Village Prawn curry rice. 

P.S: It’s also pet-friendly, so if you feel guilty leaving your furry babies behind, get them along.

Eat Around The Corner

Eat Around The Corner is another cafe we swear by for when we’re looking for healthy breakfast options (they do all-day breakfast here). The outside area is really chill, and casual, though the inside space has been done up beautifully. Here, everything is self-service, which we kinda prefer as its quicker and easier. Though the food here is decent and nothing exceptional, we like it for when we’re looking to chill in large groups.

What To Order: Fruit cheesecake, cinnamon rolls, butter croissant 


Grandmillenial decor and cutlery, cosy corners and a haven for drool-worthy desserts -  Chantilly is our personal favourite. Especially to grab a warm cup of hot chocolate and cookies during cosy Christmas nights. This grammable and cutesy decor is an ideal place to chill with your gang, for a romantic date or just some self-love over some hot chocolate.  

What To Order: Classic hot chocolate, Nutella cream latte, chocolate chip cookie. 


A new kid on the block, Plush is a tiny little paradise for desserts, small plates and healthy dishes. Their well-curated menu offers an array of lip-smacking items that ranges from breakfast to brunch and desserts. In a mood to munch on some healthy? Thier soups and salads won't disappoint you. Wanna grab a quick snack? Opt for their gluten-free spinach nachos or cream cheese bagel. 

What To Order: Blueberry smoothie bowl, Farmer's pizza, Mexican bean burger, salted caramel latte.   

Kitchen Garden By Suzzette

One of our absolute favourites in Bandra, Kitchen Garden by Suzette is breakfast, lunch and even dinner goals. Kitchen Garden has a very simple menu, one which is full of fresh and delicious salads, amazing avocado toasts and even fresh smoothies. They have two sections- an outdoor seating area and the one inside. We love sitting outdoors, especially when its raining. The crowd is always super chic, and fit (enough to slightly shame us).

What To Order: Chicken Pesto Sandwich and Avocado Toast

Shell Out: INR 1,000 for two

P.S: They also sell freshly baked bread inside, so make sure to try some of those out.


An oldie but a goodie, Candies is still our favourite cafe to hang out at in Bandra. Candies has a simple menu and three outlets, and even though it has been there for a long time, we still love going in here. It is still extremely popular with the college kids, and we can see why. With their delectable puffs, cutlets, and the chutney sandwich, it is fairly simple affair. We also love the soups here- they are homely and freshly made. If you haven’t been here yet, do check it out and order in one of their soft puffs to commemorate the moment. 

What To Order: Macaroni salad, mushroom quiche, chicken roti

Shell Out: INR 650 for two

P.S: Candies also has a cute gift shop tucked inside the cafe. 

Earth Cafe

A go-to and a food paradise for vegans and vegetarians, Earth Cafe is a cutesy Pinterest-y cafe that serves healthy food and Italian delicacies. From smoothie bowls to quinoa upma - it's here where health meets tasty. Of course, for your cravings you can opt for their hearty burgers and pizzas. Psst, this joint is ideal place that'll help you feed your feed! So, be rest assured your gram will be LIT!

What To Order: Amarnath porridge, hummus platter, ultimate veggie burger, risotto. 

Shell Out: INR 1000 for two.