Have You Ordered For India’s First Caffeine-Infused Personal Care Brand Yet?

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    What Makes It Awesome

    MCaffeine is India’s first caffeine-infused personal care brand, and if that has you all perky already, then read on.

    So, as it turns out, your favourite potion for an anytime pepping up is as good in a cup as it is in a jar or tube! Yeah, we’re talking about caffeine, and as fascinating research suggests, this 'wake you up and keep you going' elixir is like magic for your hair and skin too. Caffeine, it seems, stimulates hair growth and could also prevent hair loss. Not only that, it works well as a sunscreen, and reduces the negative effects of testosterone on your skin (that’s basically a fancy way of calling out ace villain acne) The best part- MCaffeine is safe.

    The brand has a range of products to offer- from shampoos and shower gels to face wash and creams. And we must admit- that the difference is telling already. The face wash seems to be designed for perpetual party animals and other creatures of the night, removing tell-tale signs of a wicked night the morning after.

    We suppose the shower gel and shampoo will just be as wondrous, but will probably take a bit of using to totally dazzle us with their energy. All you've got to do is add their awesome products to cart coz they're delivering even during the lockdown, and this may be the right time to pamper your skin and mane a bit, with the right products. 


    Grab these energy boosters for your skin and hair and show up with radiance and spunk, despite all those hectic nights and a very crazy routine. They're highly active on their website and IG page. So get the entire range of caffeine-infused Active Care & Premium care products delivered to your doorstep soon. 

      Available Online