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    Don't Want To Party? Find Greener Pastures This New Year's Eve At Igatpuri

    Nupur posted on 13 December

    What Is It?

    A hill-side hamlet in Maharashtra, Igatpuri is blessed with hundreds of waterfalls during the monsoon. A popular destination for trekkers and corporate gigs {yes, both}, Igatpuri is also home to a Vipasana centre. A quaint little pocket in the Mumbai-Nashik belt, Igatpuri has Vaitarna dam to be sat at, Camel Valley to be sighed at and Bhatsa river valley to take that much-needed deep breath in the greens. Since new year celebrations are all that people talk about at work, social circles and home, it can get a tad bit tiring for people who like to keep it simple. The new year can be ushered in without the fuss of going to a party or a yacht getaway. Igatpuri is a beautiful place and is a low-key option for those who prefer open skies over strobe lights.

    Where Is It?

    This picturesque town is about two hours away from Mumbai by car {follow NH 3 to Talegaon, Igatpuri} and trains are easily available to Igatpuri station {you’ll need to board Nandigram Express}. There are hotels available to stay at and one can also join camping groups that organise camp-outs and trekking expeditions.

    Why Should I Go?

    To breathe clean air, avoid social butterflies and to meet the ones that matter.

    What Should I Carry?

    Depends on what you’re gong there for. If you’re trekking, pack essentials like shoes, energy drinks, water, snacks and an extra pair of clothing.

    Anything Else?

    If it makes sense to you, let the pressure of being a certain way on New Year’s eve take a hike. Take these Google directions instead.

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    JenJon Lake Vaitarna Resort

    Location Details

    Near Lake Vaitarna, Igatpuri, Zarwad Bk, Maharashtra

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