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Kanan Gill To AIB: Here's Why You Need To Spend A Night At The Canvas Laugh Club

    Lower Parel, Mumbai


    When we’re in the mood for some stand-up comedy, our go-to place remains Canvas Laugh Club in High Street Phoenix.

    Can The Real Comedians Please Stand Up?

    And they do – at the Canvas Laugh Club. Way back in 2010, before stand-up comedy became a genre of itself in India, this venue gave space to fledgling comedians, honed the field and made live comedy really boom in this city.

    They’ve had almost everyone perform there from AIB, East India Company, Daniel Fernandes, Abish Mathew, Navin Noronha, and more.

    Even now, despite the several multi-performance spaces popping up in the city, Canvas Laugh Club remains the go-to place for a good dose of laughter. Currently, they often do performances of The Vagina Monologues {in both Hindi and English}, open mic nights, and ‘Best In Stand Up’ nights with three comedians performing the same night. Talk about a triple whammy, right.

    What Else?

    When it comes to the area itself, in case you haven’t been, Canvas Laugh Club is a warm, inviting area which is not too big and neither too small. Plenty of seating is set up around the stage, and when the show starts, it just comes to life. You can also grab some light snacks from the food counter there.

    So, We're Saying...

    The next time an interesting event catches your eye taking place here, do take the chance to go visit. If you want, after, you can get a nice sit down meal at Pa Pa Ya or hop on over to Social to grab a drink.

    Find out more about their upcoming events here.

      Lower Parel, Mumbai