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Save Time And Money With These Carpooling Services in Mumbai

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The Maximum City, as lovely as it may be, gets to you when you’re stuck in long traffic that refuses to move, and the meter is on. Instead, if you’re looking to carpool to work, on regular basis, then check out these services in the city to save on money, time and in turn, the environment.

BlaBla Car

BlaBla Car is a carpooling website and an app that offers services in Mumbai. If you’re looking to carpool with someone to work – it will help you find the people who take the same route.

You get to select the people you want to carpool with, by entering your pick up and drop point. You can personally message the car owners, and pay post the ride. Payment is in cash once you reach your destination.

#LBBTip: They require you to provide Government verification and ID on registering so you feel safer about your ride. They also offer a Ladies Only Service that's great for women passengers.

Please note rides are subject to availability and will depend on whether there are carpoolers in your area.

Carpooling In India

Carpooling in India is available across the cities in India, including Mumbai. Here you get the option of carpooling on regular basis (that is, daily routes), or casual carpooling (for a specific date).

If you own a car, then you can post about the route you take on the website. And if you don’t have a car, you can get in touch with the car owners. Be it going form Ghatkopar to Lower Parel, or Mumbai to Pune, the website has various routes that are proposed on daily basis.

You can also filter the search as per your requirements: as a passenger, driver or both. This is more like an online group that's great to help co-ordinate and put you in touch with fellow travelers.

Smart Mumbaikar

Smart Mumbaikar is a city-based service offering carpooling options. With the service, you can sign up and find a taxi or a car.

First up, you need to sign up on the website. Post that, after adding in your details and the route requirements, you can find the cars that are available for the route you’re keen on. There are verified users on the website so you know the source can be trusted. In terms of travel cost, the regular carpoolers can figure system of splitting the fuel, toll costs – Smart Mumbaikar helps you in finding the right people.

#LBBTip: They also have female only shares and carpools. Plus all their users are verified through their work email before they can use the service. They'll help you co-ordinate via Whatsapp.


LiftO is a highly user-friendly app, and one that we definitely recommend highly from this list. Once you download the app, and have created a profile, the riders can contact you (if the pool requirement’s the same) or you can directly message them.

If you’re on board with the carpool system, and the people (via their profile), you are all set for the carpool ride saving time, money and the overtly populated roads. You can pay via the app itself.

Car Pool Mumbai

Or if you’re weary of apps and websites, simply join Car Pool Mumbai – a Facebook group that connects you with people who’re looking to carpool to work on a daily basis.

An open group with over 2,100 members, all you need to do is post on the wall with your requirements. That is, if you’re looking to join a carpool, or have a car that you want people to join in. Once you create the post, reach out to them individually and follow it up. It’s easy, transparent and utilitarian.

Join the group on Facebook here.

#LBBTip: Though the group is active with posts, we found that not every post gets traction and responses on time. Do be wary of that.