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Love Your Caffeine? Our Beloved Cafe Coffee Day Will Now Home-Deliver


Cafe Coffee Day {CCD} – one of India’s first coffee chains – has launched home-delivery on Swiggy in Mumbai and Pune so we can get our daily doze of coffee delivered to us, hot and intact.

What's It About?

Making our lives simpler {read lazier} CCD has started its home-delivery service across Mumbai and Pune. With at least 45 cafes offering this delivery service, we can just order in a cup of hot brewed coffee, light snacks and even a ‘tawa pizza’ which is their new entrant on the menu.

You can place the order to the CCD closest to your place and voila – fix ourselves up with a fix of coffee {and never leave our office/home ever}.

Chow Down

The delivery menu will be extensive and offer sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs and their special ‘tawa pizza’. Craving for a desi meal? That’s cool too because you’ll be able to order biryani {veg and non-veg} and wraps and rolls for a quick comforting indulgence.

Sip On

Cappucinos, lattes, mochas for kicking in the caffeine hit and their coolers on a warm sunny day.

So, We're Saying...

It’s all about luxury and convenience and we’re psyched that CCD is fuelling our inherent laziness by letting us order our coffee home. All we need next is for a library to start delivering books home… Oh wait, we know of one and we’ve reached our #LazyGoals.