This Street Sells Restaurant-Style Crockery At Really Affordable Prices


    We’ve done the usual touristy things when it comes to Lonavala – homestays, visiting points, getting our hands on chikkis and fudge, and long drives around the place. But, not many of us know that there’s a line of ceramic stores that sell glazed pottery for all our home needs.

    We’d heard rumours of this place from friends who had heard it from others. No one knows the exact location, but we decided to pack up our stuff and go on a treasure hunt. And, we were successful!

    What Makes It Awesome

    When we visited the stores, we found that most of them sold similar stuff, but certain shops had a few extra things that the others didn’t have.

    You’ll find soap dishes, bowls, water jugs, plant holders {we got ourselves an elephant, a rooster and a bird}, plates of all sizes and designs, drawers, serve ware, tooth brush holders, bowls, serviettes, butter dishes, wind chimes, glasses and beer mugs, cutlery, tea sets, utensils that can make any food look great; even napkin holders, curtain rings and magnets.

    When you reach the place, you’re mesmerised by the sheer colour you find around you – all shades and hues that are baked into a work of beauty.

    We bought merchandise worth INR 2,000. Believe us when we tell you that it’s reasonable, you have many options to pick from and you’ll definitely find something you’ll love.

    You’ll find a full lane of these stores on INS Shivaji Road, near Bushi Dam.


    Lonavala has so much more to offer than just the usual rigamajig. What’s even nicer is that you can make sets once you visit the place, because their designs overlap for all the utility items they sell. We’ve had a great time finding pieces that will add some pop to our homes, we hope this helps you find something unique and build up that corner at home.