Gupta Chaat Centre In Matunga Serves A Delicious Chocolate Grilled Sandwich

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We got you at chocolate, didn’t we? Gupta Chaat Centre at Matunga East is a pretty famous joint in the area and we love it for the varieties of chaat and experimental chocolate items served there.

Chow Down

Gupta’s outside Matunga central station serves the most lip-smacking food and unique chaat fusions we’ve tasted. While we’re massive fans of the cheese girlled sev puri sandwich here {INR 90}, we’re also massive suckers of the chocolate grilled sandwich {INR 100} and the Nutella pizza {INR 120}.

The service here us great and the space is hygienic. Though there is no seating here, the food is definitely worth standing for. Go here when the urge for chaat kicks in or when you feel like some sinful, chocolate indulgence.

So, We're Saying...

Anything for chaat and chocolate, right?