Say Cheese: Our Guide To The Cheesiest Fries, Pizzas, Dosas & More In Mumbai

Bhavika posted on 30 June

Ten-Second Takeaway

Cheese makes us go weak in the knees, and we’re pretty sure you can relate.
Tossed over fries, sandwiched between bread, stuffed into jalapenos, lathered over nachos, crunched with crackers and olives, or slapped on to pizza, we love this necessary ingredient in all forms. And in the interest of humanity, and fellow cheese-lovers, we’ve compiled our favourite cheesy dishes in the city. Dig right in.

Cheese Crust Pizza At Joey’s

The folks in Andheri and Malad swear by Joey’s pizza, and it is for a big, fat reason. The pizzas here come with no boundaries when it comes to the cheese and toppings added. They are absolutely sinfully loaded, and the cheesiness even doubles up from within if you go for their ‘cheese crust’ pizza, which gives even the popular cheese-burst a run for its money.

Pizza suggestions: garden fresh for vegetarians, tornado for non-vegetarians

A few other options are the three-cheese pizza at the Irish House, four-cheese pizza at 1441 Pizzeria.

Casual Dining

6 & 7, Upvan Building, Near Indian Oil Colony, DN Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai

Cheese Pasta at Gustoso

At Gustoso, the Tagliolini Bombay pasta could simply not get any cheesier, for its very sauce is made inside the centre of a cheese wheel. The chef brings over a wheel of grana padana cheese, which is then flambéd until it crumbles and melts into a pool of cheese. The pasta is then mixed in this sauce, and serves hot and fresh to you.

Price: INR 775 {+ taxes}

Casual Dining

Jharna Apartments, Dr. BR Ambedkar Road, Khar West, Mumbai

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Four-Cheese Omelette at Salt Water Café

If you scoff in the name of those who order only egg-white omelettes with no cheese, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the indulgence that the four-cheese omelettes at Salt Water Café are. The omelettes are stuffed with mozarella, cheddar, grana padana and scamorza

Price: INR 290

#LBBTip: The Nutcracker does a not-so-lean, mean three-cheese omelette as well.

Casual Dining

82, Nagin Mahal, Veer Nariman Road, Opp. Gaylords, Churchgate, Mumbai

Cheese Pav Bhaji at Amar Juice Centre

In the long standing debates on pav bhaji vs. vada pav, we think Amar Juice Centre’s pav bhaji definitely takes the cake. They have an ‘only cheese’ bhaji that is OTT, and just what you need on a really low weekday to lift your spirits.

Price: INR 130

P.S. We also recommend the cheese pav bhaji at Amrut Sagar in Bandra and the one served at Gypsy as well.

Fast Food Restaurants

3, RN Cooper Hospital Compound, Gulmohar Road, Vile Parle West, Mumbai

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Cheese Burst Dosa

Pure Milk Centre is a small stall in Ghatkoper that loves cheese even more than we do – yes we dared. But it’s true. Let’s look at the evidence. Exhibit A: a cheese dosa is simply bursting with all the cheese that is on it. They top a crispy dosa with layers of melted cheese sauce, and even have a masala version of the same.

They also have a 5-cheese pasta here, so go all out or go home is clearly the motto.

Price: INR 90

Fast Food Restaurants

19/20, Vikrant Building, Ratilal Mehta Marg, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai

Cheese Kuber Kulcha at Gymkhana 91

Let’s just state this right here: this dish is dangerously good and can cause potential rifts among diners, as one portion of this starter will never be enough, and you’ll want more. What are we talking about? The kuber kulcha at Gymkhana 91 in Lower Parel. These a mini kulchas {four a plate} that come with a filling of cheese, green chillies and garlic and are the softest, cheesiest dishes to have. Definitely recommend.

Price: INR 235


1st Floor, Raghuvanshi Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai

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Cheese Fondue at Out Of The Blue

Out Of The Blue on Carter Road has beautiful cheese fondues, that make you want to shed a single silent tear in happiness. From a simple cheese fondue with white wine, one with mixed cheese, garlic and pepper, and a fiesta cheese fondue, with beer, jalapeno peppers and salsa in it, we think they’ve covered all the bases.

Along with the fondue, you can order anything from extras: sun-dried tomato, baby corn, prawns, cherry tomatoes, chicken, and more.

Price: starts at INR 555

Casual Dining

Le Sutra Hotel, 14, Union Park, Off Carter Road, Khar West, Mumbai

Cheese Nachos At Cream Centre

We don’t care what the fate of moden nachos in India may have come to, but we love the ‘World’s Best Nachos’ served up by veggie chain Cream Centre. These are simple, large chunks of nachos which you can further break by hand, and have oodles and oodles of creamy cheese poured all over it. They add a few peppers for garnish, and trust us, even if you hate cleaning up, you’ll be wiping this big bad plate clean.

Price: INR 339

Casual Dining

Fulchand Niwas, Chowpatty Sea Face, Chowpatty, Mumbai

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