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Cheggit: Veer & Zoe Are Ready To Teach You Something New Aaj Kal


We’re all aware of Imtiaz’s classic Love Aaj Kal and how we fell in love with love, all over again! But the new one? Well, it teaches about love & life on a whole new level. Don‘t believe us? Track Veer (Kartik) & Zoe’s (Sara) journey with us, you’d be surprised.

Be a Vagabond at heart

We’ve always dreamt of packing our bags & scurrying to the mountains. Or, chill at those lake-view cafes in Rajasthan on crisp winter days. While few of us may sit & plan it out for years, Veer & Zoe did it! Packed their bags and planted themselves amidst the stunning Himachal mountains. And, it’s breathtakingly picturesque. While you’re at it, one can also feast on the choti galiyas in Udaipur. How? Watch the film already. 

PS: Any of you planning a trip to Himachal or Udaipur, Love Aaj Kal does a darn good job of giving a preview of these exotic locations. 

Fashion for every mood:

If your outfits can’t define who you are, what’s the point anyway? One look at Zoe at you’ll realise what kind of a mood or state of mind she is in! And, aren’t we all like that? We love to emote ourselves with the outfits we pick. Zoe’s sleek pant suit while killing that corporate presentation, her basic white tee, shorts & sneakers with a messy man-bun that gives out a ‘girl next door vibe’, or her sensational party dresses with a ‘don’t mess with me’  smokey eyes look? Also, you could get a peek-a-boo into the 90s fashion via Leena (Arushi) in this movie too. Let the outfits do the talking, y’all. 

New-age working style

Working in a match-box like a cabin is a thing of the past. Don’t believe us? Co-working spaces are the new shiz (for real!). For starters, you get your own space to work, you’re the boss of your own work-schedule & most importantly, you meet new interesting people. Isn’t that how Zoe met Raj (Randeep Hooda) and got totally enthralled by his old-school romance?! The very reason Veer & Zoe’s whirlwind love-story began.

So, what we’re trying to say is, Love Aaj Kal may seem like just another love story, but lo & behold, there are quite a few layers that we want you to unravel, while you watch the movie. So, what could be a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, than watching Love Aaj Kal on February 14 itself? 

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