Chic Nutrix - A Must Beauty Nutrition Product To Have

    What Makes It Awesome

    Every woman is intrinsically beautiful but there is a special radiance about a happy, healthy woman that sets her apart. At Chicnutrix we aim at bringing out this special radiance and this unmatched glow.

    Polluted city life, work stress, lack of adequate sleep etc are some of the top culprits that leave us fatigued and have a detrimental impact on our skin and hair. External applications and beauty products may be helpful but are incomplete without good nutrition, which provides a holistic solution for skin and hair. Beauty isn’t just skin deep, its needs internal nutrition and nourishment

    Like all other organs our skin and hair too require adequate and appropriate nutrients.

    Indian women often neglect their own health while caring for their family. With the pressures of work, children and family life, Indian women have always put themselves at the bottom of the list of their priorities. Now three women entrepreneurs have come together to change all this. These three talented and professionally trained women, founders of Chicnutrix, have created nutritional supplements that have been customised to address a woman’s beauty and health at different ages and stages of their lives. Chicnutrix products provide the necessary beauty nutrition to supplement our regular diet.

    The company’s nutritional supplements, Chicnutrix Glow, with clinically approved Japanese Glutathione and Vitamin C , aims at promoting glowing skin, reducing melanin production and dark spots and promoting even toned skin. It is also reputed to offer powerful antioxidant support against damage from pollution and ultraviolet rays.

    Chicnutrix Super C with Natural Amla extract rich in Vitamin C and zinc that protects skin from harmful oxidative stress/free radicals, aids in collagen production and helps repair skin. This product in fast acting, easily digestible and vegan.

    Another vegan product available on the Chicnutrix collection is Chicnutrix Bounce a Hair Nutrition Supplement formulated with proprietary amino acid hair recovery complex, biotin and selenium. Watch your hair density and strength increase and the reduction of hair fall with this product. Chicnutrix Bounce nourishes and maintains healthy hair follicles and gives you a bouncier, healthier and shinier mane.

    Made with Swiss Effervescent technology, these beauty supplements are for women on the go and convenient to consume. Just pop a Chicnutrix Effervescent tablet into water, watch it fizz and enjoy this refreshing and nutritious drink all day long.

    Chicnutrix Mighty Omega is a beauty nutrition supplement that contains Omega 3 Fish Oil with Highly Effective 3:2 EPA: DHA ratio. This powerful supplement besides aiding in general well being, prevents skin dryness, acne, flaky scalp and dull hair, nourishes deep dermal layers and hair follicles and additionally inhibits inflammations. Unlike other Omega 3 supplements Chicnutrix Mighty Omega leaves no fishy taste in your mouth and does not contain any heavy metals - it’s your burp free route to beautiful and healthy skin and hair.

    The three young, enthusiastic women at Chicnutrix have entered the Healthcare field, a field hitherto dominated by men and being a women are far better equipped to understand women’s beauty and health issues and provides more suitable solutions.

    An easy addition to your lifestyle, these nutritional supplements are necessary for achieving goals of healthy skin and hair.

    You are then just weeks away from a more beautiful and definitely healthier you!

    The time for a new you is now!

    How Much Did It Cost

    ₹500 - ₹1000