Head To Taste Of Kerala For Chicken Nadan Curry And Unlimited Pappadam

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Taste of Kerala in Fort is a hole-in-the-wall eatery that has been serving up authentic Mallu food for over two decades.

Chow Down

The restaurants primarily served non-vegetarian sadhyas, but they also serve a mean vegetarian sadhya for INR 95 per person. Bonus: unlimited pappadums. A really hearty non vegetarian meal for two could cost up to INR 1,000 but could be as low as INR 500  as well.

The must-have items on their menu are the chicken nadan curry, appams, porottas and payasam. Their surmai fry is also exceptional – not cooked to the point of dryness, as is often found to be the case.

Sip On

Their chhaas is a must-have, but they don’t serve alcohol.

Anything Else?

The staff is very helpful, and extra friendly if you’re Mallu. They usually recommend the vegetarian sadhya for those seeking an authentic experience. It tends to get crowded on weekends, so reach by 1.30pm if you’re heading there for lunch. They have an AC as well as a non-AC section. They don’t take reservations, and it’s situated in a small by-lane so parking can be difficult.

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