What Is It?

The chikoo festival is back for the year 2017, and it is happening in Bordi on January 21 and 22. This annual festival, which is organised by the MTDC, is bigger and better this year as you can expect wonderful traditional dances, food and even visit a chikoo farm.

Who Is It For?

For anyone who loves chikoo as much as we do. The quaint city of Bordi in Dahanu where the festival happens is known for its production of this fruit. Chikoo, in that sense, goes above and beyond the production as it is also a major contributor to the region’s economy. The drive up to Dahanu will take you around three hours or so, which means you can always head there in the morning and get back in the evening.

Why Should I Go?

160117_chickoofestival02For all of the fun activities that have been planned and, of course, chikoo. There’ll be tribal folk dance, a chikoo run to take part in, and the decor will be done keeping in mind the local aesthetics. Want more? Then join in the chikoo safari which’ll take you around the chikoo orchids so you can see for yourself how it’s all done.

If you’re in good hands,the farmers may let you take a few away. There’ll also be around 100 stalls set up by the locals to shop and eat from.

Anything Else?

160117_chickoofestival04The event is free, and anyone is welcome to join in. Dahanu is also known for its tribal intricate Warli art, so if you want to learn more about that, chikoo festival offers you the perfect platform. Head there for chikoo, fun and in general, a gorgeous sunny day out far from the city.

#LBBTip: If you’d like to stay and do a proper weekend getaway, check out the accommodation here.

Where: Bordi, Dahanu

When: January 21 and 22, 9 am onwards

Photos source: Chickoo Festival