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Write Drunk, Edit Sober With These Literature-Inspired Notebooks By This Brand

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Dawdlers and doodlers, put away that stray napkin because these palm-sized notebooks by Chimpwear are just what you need.

What Makes It Awesome

Submerged in literature so deep that only a broody suave fictional antagonist can rescue you? We feel you. Write all your thoughts into these perfect literary notebooks by Chimpwear. Some are even designed by the ever-adorable Alicia Souza.

They’re just for wordsmiths like you – pick the Midnight’s Children notebook if Rushdie is your fave. Find him pretentious? Go for a fun Hemingway one. Some for the book bugs, all for the writers, these themed notebooks also make for great presents.


It can be bought online. We know you’re itching to dip the nib into the ink pot and get scrawling.