Head To The Chocolate Room In Ghatkopar For Everything Chocolate And UNO

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The chocolate room at MG Road, Ghatkopar, hands down has the most delicious chocolate items we’ve had in long.

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The beauty of Chocolate Room lies in the fact that you can take your squad there and relive old days with their superb board games such as Monopoly, Chess, UNO and more. We went there on a Sunday evening and it was the best decision to choose this cafe because over here, they simply let you be.

The service is efficient and it takes your average 20 minutes for your order to arrive. We spent our cheat day efficiently with the chocolate extravaganza they had to offer, although we feel the food quantity could have been better. The interiors here are cosy and despite being on the main road, the traffic noise is barely audible. We advise you get there a little early if you want to enjoy the board games, because you know how hooked up you can get once UNO starts. As they don’t rush their patrons, you don’t want to be spending your evening in the waiting area. We suggest you pick anything with chocolate and cocoa in it because you can’t go wrong with that here.

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Go here for some board games, good times with friends and that much needed coffee.