Want Truffle Fries With That? If You're At The Table, You Definitely Do


    Everyone knows of The Table, the amazing restaurant in South Mumbai. But if you haven’t been here yet, I’m giving you two reasons to head there now {and doing your Instagram account a favour} – truffle fries and avocado on toast.

    Chow Down

    Go here for the food. The ambience and drinks and everything else are an accessory to the food, which is mindfully put together. Their dishes are original, unique and are delightful. No gimmicks, no fancy plating. Just really really good food.

    You must try the truffle fries with Cajun mustard and this phenomenal tomato ketchup, which is made in-house. Their avocado on toast is spectacular! And their soft shell tacos will hit a home run.

    Sip On

    They have an amazing cocktail list as well. If you’re not drinking alcohol, check out the Mick Jaggery, a delicious combination of jaggery, lemongrass stem and water.

    Anything Else?

    The Table is pretty fancy, expensive and the SoBo crowd it draws is pretty fru fru. So save it for a special occasion, or when you’re ready to wear something that isn’t flip-flops and boyfriend jeans. Or when you really need fries.

    Split into a mezzanine and a ground floor, the seating at The Table is pretty compact {it’s not them, it’s Mumbai}. So, expect to want to whisper through your lunch/dinner date. The staff is super warm and courteous, which is always a bonus. Get a seat on the ground floor. Unless you thoroughly enjoy listening in to others’ conversations. #nojudgement