Plan Weekend Getaway Classy Lunch At Eskay Resort

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What Makes It Awesome?

Planning a weekend getaway? Eskay Resorts gets you their widespread premises with world class amenities for your joy and leisure. The place also offers you a couple of restaurant facilities which just would surprise you.

Eskay Resorts gets to you Lotus Leaf, their Casual Dining Restaurant situated within its premises. It has a beautiful wide ambience with well-decorated interiors giving the place a classy vibe and a comforting view of the resort from the place just makes them quite intriguing. The restaurant has an open bar which adds more spice to its ambience.

With the place being decorated in a classy continental way the cuisines best served here would be the superior European Cuisine with Italian and other various food from the Continental Origin. The Open Bar here produces some exciting cocktails that would surely tempt you to keep you here for long.

To begin with, some excitement you should call for drinks from this place with some really special options like Polyommatenea Butterfly, Activated Batman, Limone Fizzante. These are pretty strong drinks with Activated Batman being one of the kind having Pineapple Juice blended with White Rum and an Activated charcoal infusion does not affect its taste much but gives the healthy touch with a grainy texture to its sweet refreshing taste of Pineapple Juice.

Also, you have the Polyommatenea Butterfly also a Vodka base with a sweet taste to the drink and garnished with a flower which makes it really eye-catching and exciting.

I had visited this place during their time of the Seasonal Mango Menu which had really exciting choices to taste food from.

Mango Jackfruit Barbeque Tacos, Name of the dish gives off a sceptical sound to it but it is an exciting combination. It is prepared really well with an amazing execution of sweet and spicy flavour stuffed inside of a Roti/Bread. The filling had Jackfruit chopped and sautéed in hot and spicy Barbeque Sauce layered on top with Mango pulp. With every bite, the sweetness of the pulp would blend beautifully with the flavours of hot and sweet barbeque sauce. The Roti wrapped upon the filling would give a good chewy and bread taste to contain these really well.

Jamaican Beans Spring Roll with Mango Mayo, another good combination which is surely worth a try. These are Spring Rolls with very mild spicy kidney beans filling dipped in Mango Mayo. The Mango Mayo is a combination of mayo added to the squash of Mango Pulp making this combination a little too sweet to taste, though the flavours work well with each other and definitely worth a try.

Going to the Main Courses the place has a lot to offer in Pastas, Risottos and Pizzas which are specialities from this place.

Aglio Olio Pasta, they had one of my favourite choices among their menu with Spaghetti Pasta and it was perfectly put down. The saute of Garlic and Chilli Flakes with Spaghetti was on point. The flavours were subtle with an appetizing taste and smoothness of Olive Oil to the pasta dish made it a comfort food dish.

Gulab Jamun Kairi Biryani, another very sceptical sounding combination but extremely enjoyable taste wise and very well executed with the flavours. This one had the unsweetened Jamun which was just fluffy fried dough ball added to this with the Biryani flavoured with Raw Mango. The appetizing flavourful taste of Biryani combines really well with sourish raw mango taste making it delicious. The fluffy fried dough balls give a nice soft and meaty texture to each bite taken from this.

Coming towards the end the Desserts menu, it was quite appealing with a few desserts from the west to be very intriguing and also from the Mango Menu which also was pretty exciting.

Chocolate Cheesecake: This is one of the most delightful and satisfying Chocolate Cheesecake I have had with this being rich with the taste of chocolate that is blended really well with cream cheese giving it a nice thick and cheesy flavour.

Mango Cream: It was one of the highlights in the desserts with glass filled with whipped cream with a layer of Mango Pulp in between and topped off with cube sliced pulp from the Mango. The garnish and the dish looked really pleasing and extremely tempting but the flavours didn't create much of an exciting to the taste.

The overall meal time here was really amazing with the staff and the manager keeping everyone well and talented chefs curating dishes to be delighted over.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids.