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Bring Back The Glory Of Your Old (And Expensive) Goods With The Leather Laundry

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Leather Laundry is the one-of-a-kind service that undoes all kinds of fading or tearing, and brings back the former glory of your expensive leather goods.

What Makes It Awesome

Leather is a classic feel-good and long-lasting material, be it as bags, jackets or shoes. But even rich, sturdy leather undergoes a lot of wear and tear over the years. But fear no more.

Siblings Mallika and Neha Sharma, armed with 25 years of experience in the field of leather, consider the job a bit like art restoration (especially since leather requires super careful handling). They use modern equipment, solvents and innovations of all kinds to make your leather gear last longer and look gorgeous. What do they do? Professional cleaning, colouring, refinishing, deodorising and repairing for leather apparel, accessories and shoes.

They make up for the lack of leather care professionals in the city by offering quick solutions that leave you more than satisfied. So instead of throwing away your beloved but mouldy jacket, call The Leather Laundry for an exhaustive list of repairing and colouring options (Reducing wastage effectively, we say.)


What we love about the company is that they also do embossing and bespoke items, so you can get your initials or a message embossed on any leather product of your choice. Your bespoke product shall reach you within ten days of sending measurements (personalised pick-up and drop off too!) That’s what we call a quickie.