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    Clean Indian railways

    Chef posted on 10 June

    What Did I Like?

    I was travelling from Mumbai to Chennai by Chennai mail (Train no. 11027) where I had actually experienced the increasing standards of the railways in India. When I enteredin my compartment it was really spotless and with fresh ironed bed sheets and clean pillow, blankets. This itself gave me a wow factor as train left arrived on dadar station on time and departed on exact time. Here I would like to tell you two things. One is the waiting room of first class/SC which was so clean and even toilets of them were clean. And second thing is positioning of the train coaches, as mentioned on platform my coach came on perfect place. Once try and check in Google, how many trains travels each day in different parts of Indiathen you would realise the pressure they take to take you from one place to another place. As I mentioned about my compartment being clean, even toilets were decent enough. When train stopped on next big station which was solapur the other day, I experienced something which was really nice. A group of workers who works for a company which is based in hubali came in and started cleaning the compartment. Starting from passage area, common area, toilets they cleaned it. One person was clean windows of coach with wiper which was so nice as being a rainy season it gets dirty very early. Train was cleaned within no time by those groups of workers resulting in clean dry compartment. It was impressive even more because they had a supervisor who was guiding and keeping eye on them wheather they doing it properly or no. They had jet sprays helping to clean the dirt and then vacuum cleaners to suck the water and make surface dry enough. After solapur guntakal was one of the main stop where they again did same procedure with different company and again made the train spotless. After every 2 hours a guy was passing with dust bin bag asking for any dumps you need to throw, isn’t it really wonderful.

    What Could Be Better?

    I feel we being a passenger and a good civilian of a country we always have to SUPPORT this kind of initiative taken by government of India. I could see lot of passenger throwing small plastic bag or spitting in corners of the station or in train, don’t we need to stop this?? Now you can see government taking a good care of cleanliness and making our own country a better place to live then we should HELP themby doing our own part. Everybody should understand their own responsibilities of a good Indian citizen. Great work by Indian railway and they need our support and we will always help to make this country a better place to live.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    They should charge good amount to the people who miss use the government facilities and punish people who make out environment dirty.

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    Central Railway Station

      Central Railway Station