Jewellery, Accessories & More: This Tiny SoBo Store Has It All

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What Makes It Awesome

Cluster Accessories is a tiny store that is brilliantly lit up and decorated with all sorts of hair accessories right at the door, so when you walk down Colaba Causeway, there's no way you could miss it.

Once you enter, you see clips, bands, rubber bands and every other kind of hair accessory you can imagine, arranged neatly in rows and stacks. When you move in deeper, you'll find rows upon rows of earrings in all colours, shapes and sizes. What we loved is that all the earrings are between INR 100 to INR 300 only. Hair accessories start at a modest INR 50. Now, isn't that something cool?

The owners are nice enough to help you find out what you want, they even have accessories like safety pins (never have enough of those!) in all colours and sizes for you. There's a lot to pick from and they're all so reasonable, so you can't help but spend a bit and get back a lot in return. 

If you do end up paying this store a visit, make sure you pick up some of their quirky headbands! 

How Much Did It Cost

Under ₹500

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