Ten-Second Takeaway

Koinonia Coffee Roasters,a new coffee cafe has opened up in Bandra, and they’re roasting and brewing their own coffee beans. We checked the place out and have the lowdown on it.

Coffee Beans, Cold Brew And More

Koinonia Coffee Roasters has been started off by a threesome of three different nationalities; Shanon D’Souza {Australia}. Sidhartha Marchant {India}, and Clement Sissia {France}. A tiny little cafe nestled in Chium Village, we entered and were greeted by friendly faces, and a rather intimidating coffee brewing machine {it’s fine, it doesn’t bite}.

Their Probat roaster roasts the organic beans in-house in fresh batches before it’s packed and sealed, ready for sale. Something the coffee addicts need to celebrate? We think so.

Currently, they have quite a few variations of artisanal coffee they are selling that go across light, medium and dark. All of these beans are sourced locally from certain farmhouses in India which they have tied up with, to keep the taste as authentic as possible. After browsing through their coffee collection, we found Kelagur {Manjarabad}, Poabs {Nelliyampathy}, Badra {Chikmanglur} and Marvahulla {Nilgiris}. Our personal favourite? Poabs.

What We Love

Every pack of coffee holds the freshest roasted ground coffee beans. Think of Koinonia as more like a coffee bar: go there for the visual treat of coffee brewing. Though they’re still in the process of organising themselves, we found the menu to be pretty fulfilling. The regular lattes, flat whites, espresso are on it, which are served with a tiny brownie made by Clement’s wife. Heads up, it’s pretty darn good. With a sort of a Parisian vibe to the cafe, the coffee start at INR 150, unlike the exorbitant euros we may pay up in Paris.

We’ve been told they’ll be organising workshops quite regularly. The point being: they want more and more people to know the intricacies that go behind the perfect brew. They’re selling their coffee packets in the cafe, along with a bottled cold brew {a healthy sugar-free option} for a quick takeaway.

So, We’re Saying…

We love coffee as much as the Gilmore Girls, but we’d so far been waiting for our own Luke’s. With Koinonia setting shop in Bandra, we’re ecstatic, looking to wash out our morning crankiness with a cuppa.

#LBBTip: They’ll be conducting workshops for people who want to know more how coffee brewing really works. Keep a watch out on their Facebook page for more details.

Photos courtesy:  Koinonia Coffee Roasters