A Mumbai-Based Brand Is Offering Coffee On Tap & Artisan Tonic Water


There’s a new drink in town and we’re making a run for it with our coffee mugs in tow.

What Is It?

The Underground Coffee Society, a secret club that celebrated coffee as a drink {you had to have an invitation to attend sessions}, is back after a sabbatical. The founder, Sahil Jatana runs this awesome club where coffee enthusiasts gather and learn more about the craft of coffee making. How do you get in? Give Sahil a shout out on Twitter.

Sahil, after coming back from Singapore, has now got a unique coffee concept out in the city with Svami Drinks. Serving coffee on tap and now, artisan tonic water, it’s got us yearning for a caffeine kick, stat.

Their cold brewed Nitro Coffee is now pouring at The Pantry, Sweetish House Mafia, 212 All Good and La Folie Lab Lower Parel and Woodside Inn – Lower Parel. The bottled, still cold brew is available at INR 95 and on tap at cafes, bars and restaurants for INR 150 per 180ml serving.

So, We're Saying...

If coffee/tonic is the love of your life and you take the art of making it seriously, time to join the club.