Stay Cool & Quirky With These Chappals Made Out Of Cork

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Colour Me Mad, conceptualised in 2014, is an affordable luxury footwear brand that believes in providing you with correct footwear made from natural foot care products. The footwear is made with ‘cork’, which is said to be a great material for shoes and other footwear – it’s natural and is said to have healing properties which helps improve body posture and reduces knee and ankle pain.

    The entire range of Colour Me Mad footwear has a solid cork bottom and quirky prints and pop colours, that are easy to slip on and also made in India. The range varies from flip-flops, flats, and wedges; and also products that have printed straps and bottoms. Their collection starts from INR 500 and upwards.

    To make sure you're choosing the correct size and pair for your feet, there's an entire form which details out the types of shoes based on your requirement. Pretty cool though! Then there's an entire section on their website which offers you complete footcare guidance even which includes pain-relief sandals, expert support, foot analysis system etc.  

    According to the owner, Trishla Surana, cork footwear is popular in Europe and is just being introduced to India, because of how light it is, its softness, durability, expandability, flexibility and even its anti-static properties.


    Let’s step into the comfort zone and start pampering our feet too, instead of just our faces! 

      Available Online