Indulge That PMS: Comfort Food That You'll Love

When it's that time of the month, there's very little that gives you comfort. Well, except food. And, maybe a good playlist (happy music only). Or hey, that one person you can tolerate. While we can't really do too much physically for you, we're right here to help you with some awesome comfort food (and drinks) to bring that smile back on your face. We love it, so we're gonna spill the beans. Read on. 

For The Love Of Spice And Grease

Butter Chicken And Garlic Naan

This classic combo is super skilled to fix the mood in minutes. While we know that most of you think Mumbai cannot do justice to the one that Delhi whips up, order some from Papa Pancho Da Dhaba in Bandra and you'll know why we're recommending this place. 

Price: INR 550

May We Suggest: Goila Butter Chicken, Urban Tadka, or Pritam Da Dhaba

Casual Dining

Papa Pancho Da Dhaba

Gasper Enclave, 12, Near Rupee Bank, St. John's Road, Bandra West, Mumbai


Manchow Soup

Have you ever gone gaga over the fresh fragrance of all the garlic in your manchow soup, garnished with some super crunchy dry noodles? If the answer's yes, we totally feel you. Nothing beats a piping hot bowl of Manchow and when tried from the right place, its just a mood uplifter! So we'd recommend an Uncle's Kitchen in Malad.

Shell Out: INR 155 

May We Suggest: Andheri-ites, check out Delicacy of China or Meraki. 

Casual Dining

Uncle's Kitchen

Buena Vista, Opp. St. Anne's High School, Sunder Lane, Malad West, Mumbai


Vada Pav And Bhajiyas

Let's admit it, we all love this staple Mumbai snack, and when its clubbed with bhajiyas, you know you've hit the right spot. Call for a Schezwan Cheese Grill Vada Pav from the Anand stall opposite Mithibai College, and ask for some extra groundnut chutney and chillies with the red sweet and spicy sauce. 

Shell Out: INR 60

May We Suggest: Chai Pe Charcha, Ashok Wada Pav, and The Wadapav Cafe


Chai Pe Charcha

Prabha Vinayak Building, Shop 4, New Prabhadevi Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai


For All Things Healthy

Flavoured Yoghurt

Smoothies and milkshakes are always cooling for the body, and rich on taste. And for times when you cannot decide on whether you want a smoothie or a milkshake or just plain yoghurt, this joint comes to your rescue. Try their Alphonso mango and blueberry yoghurt for sure. Its so soothing and filling at the same time. And helps you stay sane during those massive mood fluctuations.

Shell Out: INR 250 onward

May We Suggest: Myfroyoland allows you to make your own yoghurt. 

Dessert Parlours


Inorbit Mall, Ground Floor, New Link Road, Malad West, Mumbai


Fruit Bowls

We treat ourselves enough by giving in to those greasy noodle cravings while we're PMSing (which is absolutely okay!) but if you're too particular about what you consume before Aunt Flo visits, then go for a scrumptious fruit bowl or platter from Pishu's. It's a mix of fresh seasonal fruits that calm the body down and you also feel less guilty about giving your system a break from the usual junk.

Shell Out: INR 170 onward

May We Suggest: Healthie or Freshmenu 

Delivery Services
  • Price for two: ₹ 500


Its that one fish that when grilled is the best thing on the planet. Real feels here, okay? Are we still talking about this? Just get yourself some grilled salmon from The Gourmet Kitchen. We love it before Auntie Flow, during and after. I mean, there's no other way to put it. 

Shell Out: INR 580 

May We Suggest: Jules-The European Kitchen 

Desserts and Drinks

Chocolate Brownies

It's never enough when it comes to brownies. Stuffing yourself with well made, gooey, and chocolaty brownies when you're PMSing, is one of the best feelings ever. Don't look for all the options you've got, head straight to one of the best-Theobroma's. With outlets all over the city, they've always aced it with their chocolate and walnut brownies that we can never get enough of. 

Shell Out: INR 99 onward

May We Suggest: Le 15 Patisserie! It's your pick! 

Fast Food Restaurants

Le15 Petit Cafe

Oberoi Mall, Ground Floor, Western Express Highway, Goregaon East, Mumbai


Hot Chocolate

Oh man. This is ultimate paradise. This drink is the perfect cure to a bad day. Hot chocolate is our jam, so if you're lolling around at home or even out for a breather, why opt for anything else? Order a cup of Hazelnut Hot Chocolate from Grandmama's Cafe. 

Shell Out: INR 180 onward

May We Suggest: Coffee By Di Bella too! 


Coffee By Di Bella

Kanchenjunga Building, 66, Pedder Road, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai


Banana Smoothie

Banana's a strange fruit. Hated by majority, yet loved by some. And if you belong to the latter category, you'll definitely enjoy a dairy-free smoothie from the Bombay Salad Co. Kale, spinach, and banana mixed with soy milk, this one's healthy, tasty, and an equivalent to your four-course lunch meal. 

Shell Out: INR 200 onward 

May We Suggest: Pishu's makes amazing fruit smoothies and is slightly more economical. 

Casual Dining

Bombay Salad Co.

Shop 1, 16th Road, Bandra West, Mumbai