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Warm & Comforting: Guide To Our Favourite Soups In The City

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Even though the weather Gods don't really bless us with a full-blown winter season, we're trying to make peace with what we get. And, what's better than devouring a bowl of hot soup? While there's always some instant mix to the rescue on days when you want to just curl-up and have some Netflix-time, but for days you want to go out, here's our list of some comforting soups across cafes and restaurants that your taste-buds will have an instant connection with. Cheggit! 

Prawn Chowder @ The Bagel Shop

Seafood-lovers, there’s nothing better than the Prawn Chowder at the Bagel Shop. This extremely filling soup, which also doubles as a meal (in our opinion), has prawns, potatoes, sweet corn, leak and parsely in the form of delicious creamy soup. The soups here also comes along with bread, so you don’t really need anything else.

Shell Out: INR 350

Smoked Bacon And Sweet Corn Soup @ The Sassy Spoon

This one's a well balanced soup with some generous amount of smoked bacon pieces and sweet corn in the broth. It's creamy, and comforting. MAX! And if this description doesn't do justice (it really does not), you've got to head to the Sassy Spoon and try it to believe us! 

Shell Out: INR 245

Lemon Chilly Coriander @ Green Chilli

The Lemon Chilly Coriander (chicken) soup is not only comforting, but is totally value for money. It is semi-spicy, tangy, and has not been watered down. It maintains its thickness (just about), and is really filling. What we really love is that Green Chilli folks are really generous with chicken pieces.

Shell Out: INR 150

P.S: They also serve it with prawns.

French Onion Soup @ The Table

If you're fond of classics (in food), just blindly go for the French Onion soup at The Table in Colaba. Who doesn't love French Onion anyway? And this one's served with some fancy Gruyere croutons. Tempted already? 

Shell Out: INR 550

Cream Of Winter Broccoli & Walnuts @ Silver Beach Cafe

We're always in awe of this cute and warm Juhu cafe. And their winter special broccoli and walnut soup is live every December. It keeps you warm, and just when the chill gets too much at the Juhu beach, all you've gotta do is take refuge here and devour. 

Shell Out: INR 255 

Spicy Corn & Tortilla Soup @ Ovenfresh

Ever felt like you've achieved Nirvana after having soup? This one's a classic Mexican soup with tortillas mixed in a thick tomato broth. And honestly, if you love your tomatoes, you'll love this one at Dadar's Ovenfresh. 

Shell Out: INR 215