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Friday Plans: Chill With Your Squad At This Townhouse In Vashi!

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What Makes It Awesome?

The Social Townhouse, One of the most compacts yet party place in Navi Mumbai you can find out over your it's very lively. They have a DJ, they have a weekend event and if you are attending on Friday or Saturday it will be like a party house for you.

Ambience -7/10
The Ambience is very needed they have some Vintage stuff hanging on the wall like a big clock and some draw at the ceiling the chairs are comfortable the sitting is comfortable they have amazing fairy light which gives the life in the evening

Food and Drinks - 7 /10

1) whisky sour
The perfect blend of whisky Sa I can get over you I really enjoyed my drink over here because the proportion was perfect and really loved it

2) butter chicken pocket
One of the best dishes I have that evening this Butter Chicken pocket have some very soft outer coverage and it's very very tasty and plus inside the butter chicken blend was amazing the masala was amazing the spiciness was amazing the sweetness was amazing overall I really really love this test one should definitely try this

3) fish and chips
Fish and chips I tried the first time and I think I liked it as I am very much into seafood but I never tried fish and chips thing but your when I try this I kinda liked it a lot because the fish was very soft and the outer coverage was very crispy with goes along with the perfect mayo sauce blend

4) murg musallam boneless with Laccha paratha
the murgh musallam has perfect spiciness as we actually told them that make it spicy for us and + it boneless so it was like amazing to have it and amazing to solve it and the second part is the lachha paratha was perfectly baked it wasn't overcooked it wasn't undercooked it has perfect elasticity and the murgh musallam had amazing spiciness

5) chicken spaghetti pasta
This we have ordered for our friends as he is very much into spaghetti pasta and according to him it was like amazing dash and the pasta was perfectly hoped and it wasn't undercooked and with the perfect gravy and the perfect herbs we like it

Service -8/10
Was quite good

Staff- 7/10
Helpful and attentive

What Could Be Better?

Chicken spaghetti pasta.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae