Concerned About Eating Out? Here’s How McDonald’s India Is Making Sure You’re Served Clean, Hygienic Food

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Foodies, given the current health crisis, we understand that it can be quite a task to figure out where one should head out to eat. Fikar not, we have got news for you. Our go-to place for comfort food is... no brownie points for guessing, McDonald’s! And the good folks behind the chain are making sure they’re taking every safety measure to serve us the best, safest, cleanest food. 

    Recently, upon visiting a McDonald’s outlet, we were pleasantly surprised. We always knew the restaurant chain always goes an extra mile to ensure that there is no stone unturned to give us the best experience, come what may. But watching the staff constantly cleaning the trays and disinfecting the space sure brought a smile on our face. It was quite reassuring to see that besides just the tables and the trays, the self-ordering kiosk, door handles or even the credit card machines, were being sanitised regularly.

    As we prodded further, we were told that right from basic hygiene practices such as making sure the staff that handles the food is wearing gloves and changing them regularly, to also keeping a check on sanitizing trays and tables after every use, McDonald’s has super stringent policies in place to ensure 100% safety and hygiene. While ordering the meal, we got to talking with one of their staff members who told us that their food has no artificial preservatives and the vegetables used are thoroughly cleaned. We had to ask because honestly, this isn’t the time to take chances. And glad we did so because we got some amazing insights. 

    Since we’re hardcore non-vegetarians, we also questioned the staff about the quality of meat they use. We were informed that the chicken they use goes through 64 unique tests to ensure that it’s high quality and safe to eat. Which only means that we’re ordering their chicken nuggets and our favourite chicken maharaja mac, worry free! 

    There is no better comfort food as good as burgers and fries, agreed? We know you’re nodding too. So, we are saying, if you’re in the mood for some munchies or a hot cuppa, head out with your fam and friends to McDonald’s or simply order in right away! 

    We're sure you will have a fun-tastic experience. 

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