Ten-Second Takeaway

Like splurging on home décor but are tired of the same old brands? Check out the Contemporary Arts & Crafts shop in Fort for your next big, unique buy.

What’s It Like?


Have your friends ever made fun of you for making grandma purchases such a bed covers and candles when you were out shopping? Let the haters hate.

Visit this shop to get beautiful, unique handicrafts here that are different from any other store – they have everything you may need or imagine to adorn your house, dining table or room, ceramic, glass and patterned melamine tumblers. A variety of wooden crockery can be bought. They also have a lovely collection of mirrors, bed linen, cushion covers and even laundry bags. {excuse our inner nerd, please.}

Apart from that, they have a section for books and stationery for those who just can’t get enough of papyrus. The books section, we found, was well-updated in the unique, art books circuit and had Sameer Kulavoor’s latest truck art book and an interesting one on matchboxes through the ages in India. It’s good for a browse and anyone looking for something unusual. Stationery had notebooks in a lot of variety, and handmade cards.

A printed or a ikat cushion would set you back by approx INR 1,000, the enamel tumblers would leave a INR 450 dip in your account and vintage car print coasters start at INR 350. 

There’s also a section with handcrafted jewellery on it, and everything was 50 per cent off, so it’s a good option to check out right now.

#LBBTip: You can buy from them online via Scootsy too.

So, We’re Saying…

07112016_contemporaryartscrafts_ap1It is on the expensive side, but we suggest you go visit, and go for the sheer variety and painstaking choice of collection here. For now, could you please help us with those two heavy cartons we are lugging home today? Thanks!

Photos: Athul Prasad/LBB