Make It Happen: This Group Is Raising Funds To Make A Cafe Run By People With Special Abilities A Reality

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An organisation is seeking your encouragement to fulfill the the idea of making a special cafe a reality in Mumbai. Read on to know how you can contribute.

What Is It?

As reported by Mid-Day here, Yash Charitable Trust is seeking contributors to make a cafe run by people with special abilities a reality. The group already has a dabba service called Arpan that has been a success. To take the idea of empowering people with autism and down syndrome further, the group wants to go all in with this cafe. They have already raised INR 7,50,000. And now, all they need is INR 2,50,000 to make it come to fruition.

At the helm of this operation is Ashaita Mahajan, manager of Yash Charitable Trust. She, along with the awesome team that comprises of Aarti Nagarkar, Anand Jangir, Chetan Jawale, Nazneen Kagalwala, Pratibha Kamat, Raees Shaikh, Sudha Chhabria and Bunny Amani, all set to conquer this feat.

Now, all they need is your support, encouragement and contribution which you can extend by helping them hit their target. You can do so by sending them a cheque or transferring money to their account. Get their account details here {it’s right at the end of the report}.

So, We're Saying...

We say, let’s do all we can to make this brilliant idea take shape of a wonderful cafe in the city. After all, all this world really needs is a group hug.

You can donate here.