Exotic Ingredients and Vegan Options: Make Fancy Dishes With Rare Products At Home

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What Makes It Awesome

We came across Urban Platter which opened up  Pandora’s box for ingredients we had never heard of before. All those small additions to that risotto recipe you saw online, or the vegan coconut milk powder or meat alternatives that your favourite chef uses were present in their online store. They also had vegan chicken broth, vegan cheese, protein mixes, almond milk, sugar alternatives and basically everything else required for the aspiring chef in you. 

This brand will make all your diets guilt free and plant-based, leading you towards a healthier lifestyle. What’s even better is that, they source ingredients which are rare to find from different countries to make your dishes a bit more unique in taste (We found rice from Italy, chilli peppers from Korea and those famous San Marzano Tomatoes used in pizzas!).

You could also easily switch to a vegan lifestyle with their dairy alternatives and be a lot healthier with different sugar offerings. They also have over 100 spices for you to spruce up your dish and probiotics in store too! 

Get your daily dose of baking materials, seasonings, spices, pulses and rice from The Urban Platter here.


Check out their "imported" section for wonderful ingredients and products like coffee filter paper, bamboo sushi rolling mat, tapioca noodles and more. We’re sure you can make any recipe with the help of Urban Platter. Happy Cooking to you 😊