Stylish Yet Minimal: Cord In Kala Ghoda Is Our Go-To Store Fuss-Free Bags And Elegant Apparel

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    What Makes It Awesome

    If you haven’t discovered the beauty that the Cord store in Kala Ghoda is, here’s why you must head there soon. 

    An eclectic range of carefully designed leather bags and apparel. And these are for those who like to keep it minimal. Not very high on the ornamental side of bags or bling, they are efficient for daily use and will speak volumes about your style.

    Whether it’s laptop bags, messengers, backpacks or slings, they have amazing designs for each of the categories. Although slightly towards the higher price range, they are long-lasting and the designs just make up for it. You can get backpacks starting INR 5,800, totes starting at INR 4,000, clutches starting INR 5,200 and laptop sleeves starting INR 8,200.

    Coming to clothes, go for their dresses (INR 5,800 onward) and co-ord sets (INR 6,200 onward) They're smart and chic, and if that's your style, you'll definitely be hooked at first sight. They've got overlays, tops, jumpsuits, and a whole menswear section too. 


    If you’re looking to expand your sense of style and are a fan of minimalism, head to their website now or send the link to a friend and drop hints about what you want for your birthday.

      Available Online