Find Sunflower Dresses, Peacock Tops And More Boho Madness At Cotton On

    Bandra West, Mumbai


    Chapel Road’s a land of secrets, and somewhere in between the many coffee shops and tea houses there is a little hidden shop called Cotton On, that we loved.

    What Makes It Awesome

    A small boutique, Cotton On has racks to your left and right, each crammed with hangers waiting to be looked at. If you do take out the time of day to scour through the clothes, you will find many interesting cotton dresses, linen loose tops and in general, a very bohemian vibe through the place.

    In the time we spent there, we found four things we wanted to buy: a black shift dress with sunflower embroidery, a peacock embroidered loose top, a pinstripes pinafore perfect for summer picnic and a polka dot dress. Most of these were between INR 650–850.

    There is only one piece for each item, and if it isn’t there in your size then you’ll have to look for something else.


    You cannot try clothes there due of lack of space, but they have an exchange policy that you can exchange the clothes after 2 days’ time {post 1pm}.

      Bandra West, Mumbai