Donate To These Organisations To Help Contribute Towards Covid-19 Relief Fund

Coronavirus has disrupted lives all over the world, and while we can sit comfortably in our homes to help contain the spread of the virus, there are a lot of people who are struggling to make ends meet. These organizations have set up relief funds to help those affected by the coronavirus. Your individual donations can make a difference.

Safa Society

Your individual donations to Safa Society will help them provide basic ration and hygiene supply kits to the daily wagers, migrant workers, street children, single parents and beggars who are the worst hit due to the lockdown. The supply kits and packages include daily essentials like food grains, toiletries and basic medications.

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Give India

They are India’s most trusted donation platform and are collecting donations to provide meals and protection kits to daily wagers who have been rendered jobless due to the virus outbreak. Till date, they've got a whopping 20,000 helping hands supporting their cause. Just by donating a sum of INR 500 and upwards, you'd be sponsoring a protection kit for the needy. 

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This 30 year old NGO in Mumbai is raising funds to feed daily wage labourers. They will distribute food packages, as well as masks, sanitizers and soap to people who have been hit by the short-term closure of businesses.

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World For All

Well, apart from us, it's the stray animals too who've been affected by the lockdown. While they were blessed with regular feeders and animal lovers across the city, the lockdown has left them uncertain and confused. World For All urges all the animal lovers out there to do their bit by helping the strays receive a wholesome meal. They are aiming to cook and feed 300+ strays in Mumbai and thus need your help to help them do it. 

You can donate online or by cheque too. You can send money across Paytm on 9820403978.

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Pranyas Development Foundation

This NGO is raising funds to provide raw as well as cooked food to daily wage earners. They are also delivering masks and sanitizers to the affected segments. They are also organizing door to door awareness campaigns for slums and villages that will help educate the slum dwellers about the Covid crisis through WHO guidelines and a list of government dos and donts.

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Uday Foundation

This NGO is helping the homeless during the pandemic of the Cronavirus in India. They are providing all necessary help and services like food and sanitization to the vulnerable sections of society in the time of crisis.

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Habitat for Humanity

Habitat Hygiene is a donation campaign that is aiming to collect funds for masks, soaps, sanitizers and other personal hygiene items. The NGO is working with the Maharashtra government to distribute these items to the daily wagers.

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Project Mumbai

This NGO is helping doctors and healthcare professionals who are involved in this fight against the virus. They are raising funds to provide for meals for the healthcare staff. They are providing 600 boxes of food every day to these healthcare workers.

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Zomato Feed India

Through their Feed Daily Wagers Campaign, Zomato has partnered with multiple NGOs on ground to help ensure responsible distribution of these kits while adhering to social distancing guidelines. All donations are being used to procure and distribute meal kits to families of daily wage earners across multiple cities in India.

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Citizen Led Fund For Daily Wagers

This is a citizen-led initiative by Riddhi Shah in Mumbai. She is raising funds to provide masks, sanitizers, handwashing liquid and soaps as well as necessary items like food packets & milk to the slums in Banganga, Lower Parel, Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat, Colaba, Cuffe Parade, Colaba Macchimar Nagar & Dhobi Ghat, Nepean Sea Road.

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