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This Bar Offers Craft Beer & Cocktails Along With Fab Food!

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What Makes It Awesome?

CraftBar is located in one of the most popular working-class area - BKC. This area is filled with some high paying jobs and so cost is not a concern here. This is the only outlet of craft bar in Mumbai. The entrance is quite pleasing and a setup for fishes to swim, at the entrance, is beautiful. They have both outdoor and indoor seating available. The one outside looks more romantic and the one inside is more for the professionals. There is a separate smoking area available if someone wishes to.

The section outside has a tapri kind of setup which serves special home-made teas and coffees - it is cute. The bar is huge with professional bartenders. Music is great but it doesn't have live music. Craftbar is listed in Beer in a Bar, Best of Mumbai, Boozy Bars & Artisan Cocktails collections. Our experience was enhanced by the services of our server - Kassim and the manager - Pradeep.


As CraftBar is known for crafted cocktails we had to try a few of them. Well, we did along with some mocktails and as you know I write about just a couple of drinks per review. For other drinks review, kindly follow me on my Instagram page. Today again we will talk about a cocktail and a mocktail.

THE CURE - this is a cocktail which looks amazing on-paper and handsome. It doesn't look like a fancy cocktail but rather looks like a gentleman drink. It is served in a beer glass. The bottom portion looks chocolaty and the upper half is foamy.

The contents being Scotch, Coffee brew, Toffee Caramel, Hazelnut and beer, it tastes a lot like coffee and a little sweet and bitter. This is like expresso martini wherein the initial sip you tend to not like it but with time, it tastes better. We loved it.

One of our favourite mocktails is the FRUIT PUNCH - nothing can beat the surety of this mocktail is a good choice. Okay, maybe cranberry based mocktails are close but still, fruit punch has an upper hand. This was again served in a kind-of Beer glass and garnished with apple, pineapple and mint leaves.

The mocktail was quite filling and contains Pineapple, Orange, Mango, Vanilla Cream and Raspberry. The taste was on the sweeter side but enjoyable. Some other great options to try here could be Mojito or Mango Delight.

The best of appetizers, from what we consumed is the VEGETABLE TARTLET - here, mixed veggies like Zucchini, peppers, Broccoli and corn along with cheese were stuffed in a tart. The tart is extremely crispy and is served as a 6-piece starter. This is served with a sweet chilly dip which complemented the dish very well. We almost finished the dip before the starter. The plate in which the appetizer was served was of great quality as well.

When it arrived, we thought it will be just another dish which is presented well without taste, until we finished it in the next few mins. Next up was an "appetizer" just for the sake of it. It can well be the main course. It is called LITTI CHOKHA. This is a known dish from Bihar - It is whole wheat dumplings called Litti which is filled with Sattu and mashed potato and brinjal called Chokha.

This amazing and super heavy combination is served with Ghee, garlic chutney and some veggies. At craft bar, the modification was that this entire setup was on a live Barbeque which was carried from Kitchen to our table. It was served with smoked tomatoes and raw onions. More than a dish, this was an experience. Our main course was a continental dish.

PAPRIKA VEGETABLES is a mix of exotic veggies like baby corn, Mushroom, Peppers, etc marinated in a cheese paprika sauce and served with fresh Herb rice. The combination is not spicy as someone would not like it but we did. The cheesy sauce was very delicious and a non-rice person like me also loved it. They have a limited and crisp menu.y

We had two desserts here, one was a classic and one fusion. The classic one is called CHEESECAKE. Cheesecakes have a growing popularity in India because of what they are. Nowadays people are moving from chocolate cakes to cheesecakes. The one that you get here is a seasonal cheesecake. We were fortunate to get a mixture of strawberry and banana cheesecake.

The base was banana-based and the cheesecake above was a mixture of both but nude tastes of both ingredients. The appearance was elegant and it was as soft as could be to get on a spoon and not fall off it. I liked the fusion dessert more than the classic because you don't get to eat such variations everywhere. It is called ENGLISH VINGLISH - This contains "Gajar ka Halwa" sandwiched between brownie layers.

This looked tempting and was delicious. This was served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. When the vanilla scoop was placed over the combo, the dessert looked even better. I am not a brownie sucker but this brownie did not bother me. In other words, this brownie was good. cheesecake


Other items ordered were Spider bite, Passionate & Baby corn Tikki. Other items worth trying here are Momos, Beer, Mocktails & Sangria. They run a lot of offers continuously like their corporate offers which have corporate lunch buffet at Rs.199, Ladies night on Wednesdays where they provide free Sangria, beer, wine and shots to all the ladies, Rebate Tuesdays where you eat full and pay half. Should you expect anything more from a restaurant? I think that is enough.

Cuisines served: Continental, Mediterranean, Modern Indian, Mexican.

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