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Our Guide To Quirky Kitchenware From Crawford Market

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No, we are not talking about your standard pots and pans because you can find them anywhere. We are talking about things that will jazz up your kitchen in a way nothing can, that too without burning a hole in your pocket. Crawford Market never ceases to amaze us, and it has yet again proved its metal.

Whiskey & Tiny Liqueur Glasses Starting At INR 200 For 6

Right at the starting of Shaikh Memon Street (bang opposite the police chowki) is a tiny stall that sells amazing glasses at unbelievable prices. They have a wide collection of martini, margarita and whiskey glasses at throwaway prices. What caught our attention was a set of 6 whiskey glasses with woven design at INR 300 and a set of 6 tiny liqueur glasses with fancy self-design for INR 200 (in case you want to enjoy premium liquor like Baileys etc.)

The stall doesn’t have a name but in case you are looking for directions, you can call Siraj at +917045030245.

Printed Plates For NR 60

Serving breakfast on plain plates is so passé. If you want to gussy up your mornings with a splash of art, buy a variety of fancy printed plates from SB Crockery Centre at Shaikh Memon Street. The plates start at INR 60 and go up till INR 120. And don’t forget to bargain, especially if you are buying more than one. Believe us, you won’t even have to struggle. Just ask.

Coffee Cup Set With Stand For INR 300

If you walk ahead on the same street, you will spot another stall (after 2-3 stalls) selling gorgeous coffee mugs with stands. They are perfect for people who love coffee and lack space on their kitchen counter. For just INR 300, you will get the set of four mugs with the stand at INR 300.

To contact for directions, call on +918454845478.

Glass Goblet And Punch Bowl Starting At INR 100

If you plan to throw a royal party or you are just feeling fancy (ain’t nobody needs a party for that), you can drink out of these fancy goblets which are sold at Crawford for just INR 100. Spot MM Khan Altaf Crockery on Shaikh Memon Street which has an amazing collection of teacups and goblets. They also have crazy punch bowls for INR 300 which will complete the look for your house party or just a Friday night.

Ornamental Fridge Bottles For INR 150

We spotted the fanciest bottles in Mumbai at a small shop called Abdulla Kassam on Shaikh Memon Street. From ombre to self-designed, they clearly stood out on the rack. The fancy bottles start at INR 150 and go up to INR 350. If you purchase one of every shade, your fridge is going to look LIT AF. Also, lay your hands on their super pretty soap dispensers, made of dry leaves and colorful stones. 

Printed Knife For INR 150

Yes, it will serve the exact same purpose your normal knife serves but will definitely add some aesthetics to your kitchen counter. We couldn’t help but stop and notice the beautiful flowery patterns on the blade that looked delicate but were razor sharp.

You can buy them at Spark Electronics at Lohar Chawl for INR 150.

Colourful Cutting Chai Glasses For INR 260

If you are bored of serving tea to your guests in plain cups and saucers, then go for these colourful cutting chai glasses which are available just for INR 260 with the whole stand. They are also available at The Gujarat Trunk Depot on Abdul Rehman Street.

Wooden Trays For INR 150

While loitering around, we spotted a small shop in a corner called Jageshwar Collection which had the most hipster wooden trays. Starting at INR 150, these trays look classy, sturdy and neat. They will definitely turn the look of your kitchen counter around.

Sherbet Set For INR 500

Something else that caught our attention was this gorgeous sherbet set which is being sold for INR 500 at Crystal Corner on Janjikar Street. It comes with a set of 6 glasses and a gorgeous ornamental jug. If you serve sangria in this, believe us, you’ll be turning a lot of eyes around.

Peacock Plate For INR 850

To take your ‘serving crackers and cheese’ game to the next level, we have something special. If this peacock plate at Crystal Corner doesn’t catch your eye for its unique design, the big and shiny gems on its wings definitely will. If you don’t have this plate in your kitchen, what are you even doing? Go buy it now, enough said – sigh!

Liquor Bottles For INR 2,000

Yes, the price sounds a bit steep for Crawford but it won’t when you learn that they are original crystal (which will cost you anything between INR 8,000 to INR 10,000 otherwise). They are perfect for storing your leftover liquor. Who wouldn’t want to drink from that? They are available for INR 2,000 at Alvi Enterprises in Musafirkhana.

Kawa Cup Set For INR 850

We entered a big crockery store which has the dreamiest collection in town. This shop called Rose Collection in Musafirkhana might make you too excited. So, take a deep breath before entering. We spotted an amazing set of 12 kawa cups (without handle) in a dainty box for INR 850 (without bargaining). They are a must-have!

Tea Set For INR 2,400

Another beautiful set we spotted at Rose Collection was this beautiful tea set with a surahi like kettle. They had a wide variety of colours to choose from too. So, go but this tea set, and ace that tea party you have been planning to have since forever.

Kitchen Lamps Starting At INR 8,000

Now, this thing here is out of budget but we can’t help but write about these because they are too pretty. A small corner of Rose Collection displayed these gorgeous kitchen lamps (which, by all means, you can use anywhere in the house). The stain glass work and the gorgeous shape of each bulb stands out. So, if you are buying fancy crockery, you should have fancy ass lighting to match that, right?


You will spot several vendors on street selling peripherals like mats, coasters etc. for very less. You can add the finishing touch to your kitchen shopping there.