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An Androgynous Man's Guide To Dressing Fabulously In Mumbai

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Over the years I’ve watched my personal style grow and evolve. Once upon a time, I would scour every obscure corner of the internet and haunt high end designer stores to buy all sorts of eccentric pieces; now I’m a lot wiser about where I shop from and how I shop.

Shopping From The Streets

I picked up the shades from Colaba Causeway for INR 150, the shrug from Causeway for INR 250, the T-shirt from a website I love, Street Style Store for INR 500, the white palazzo pants from Vero Moda for INR 1,347, and the lunchbox bag from a wedding exhibition at Phoenix Mall for INR 1,899. I got the rest of the accessories from Hill Road. I swear by it. I also pop down to Cheap Jacks and Als when I’m in the mood to spend a bit. Cheap Jack is great if you’re into making your own brooches or patches.

An Ode To Malls

I got the black visor cap from H&M for INR 1,799, the Bone onesie from H&M for INR 2,699, the embellished flannel shirt from Zara for INR 2,699 and the alien pin from H&M for INR 699. For me, looking good is all about proportions. I love cardigans and shrugs. And I really think a lot of men can make similar proportions work for them. I pick up shrugs from Colaba, and I love flannel from Zara.

Back In Black

I got the pink sunglasses from Aldo for INR 1,500, the tattoo choker for INR 150 and the crystal pendant on a leather drawstring for INR 250 from Al’s Tattoo and Piercing parlour on Hill Road, the black shirt from Colaba Causeway for INR 400, and the black leggings from Westside for INR 1,900. I’m obsessed with grunge, and anything that’s black and semi-gothy. I’m also quite fond of cardigans, shrugs etc. I’m super inspired by New York and I gravitate to accessories that are eclectic. I love accessorising excessively, so I grab junk jewelery every chance I get.

Feeling Preppy

I got the horn rimmed frames from for INR 1,500, the crystal pendant from Hill Road {mentioned above}, the Longline T-shirt from H&M for INR 799, the TechStretch jeans from H&M for INR 2,600 and the wine platform shoes from Forever 21 for INR 2,699. The jacket I borrowed from a friend, who picked it up from – of all the places – outside Goregaon Station. When it comes to footwear, I usually wear black combat boots or white sneakers, and I’ve never been disappointed by Aldo, H&M. I get a lot of platform sneakers because they go with my grunge aesthetic.

Going Retro

I got the transparent sunglasses from H&M for INR 799, the vintage Micket T-shirt for INR 250 from Colaba Causeway, the denim bomber jacket from Zara for INR 4,799, the high-waisted skinny jeans from H&M for INR 1,799 and the belt from H&M for INR 899. The foundation of every stable wardrobe is a good pair of pants. While I’m fond of the occasional extravagant pant, I eat, sleep and live in black skinny jeans. My advice for skinny jeans: Find a brand that has a pair that fits you well, and buy as many pairs of that jean as you possibly can. I’ve spent years searching for the perfect pair of black skinnies. The ones that come closest to what I like are from H&M. So naturally, I have refused to look at trousers anywhere else ever.