Ten-Second Takeaway

Crown Bakery, the iconic Mahim store will shut shop at  the end of December, and we tell you why you should head there before a Metro line takes its place.

Chow Down


Opened in 1953 by Khodaram Khosravi, Crown Bakery used to be famous for its bun maska and chai, but has been serving only their bakery items for the last few years.

Though some have complained about the declining quality of their products, we still think it’s worth a visit. We dropped by one morning and especially enjoyed their chicken sandwich for INR 43 {a steal} and their chicken puff for INR 22. They were also baking up a fresh lot of mawa cakes, biscuits and vegetarian puffs, which all smelled delicious.

Sip On

Have a glass of hot chai to keep you company.

So, We’re Saying…


While there may be other joints that we can get the same snacks, Crown Bakery has been a landmark establishment for many while they were growing up in Mumbai, so we think it definitely deserves one last visit.

Photos: Athul Prasad/LBB