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Straight Outta Pinterest: This Hidden Store In Versova Is What Decor Dreams Are Made Of

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What Makes It Awesome

While taking a stroll in the suburbs of Versova, we spotted The CultR' Story, a dreamy decor store with cats lounging in front and its entrance being flanked by dream catchers. Started off by Reza Shariffi (famed Bollywood costume designer) and his partner, Chirag, this one's a store selling all things beautiful and Pinterest-y, straight out of Brooklyn streets where vintage stuff is the norm.   

They have the most beautiful home decor pieces, accessories, dream catchers, old-vintage furniture, plants, pots and so much more. Every piece is personally sourced and picked up by Reza from across the world and then brought to the store where they add their own personal touch to it. Fun fact about him: He won the National award for designing the costumes for Devdas. It’s a treasure island full of sourced products that make for perfect home decor pieces. There are dream catchers starting at INR 330 upwards, cat-shaped holders, ceramic cups and jars (painted at the store), wall hangings and cute dragonfly stickers by Reza’s artist friend. And if you’re looking to add colour to your living room, pick up the plush cushions (INR 850 upwards), ethnic bags, colourful boxes and other miniature decor pieces that don the walls and cupboards.


The CultR Story is the hidden gem we’d been looking to unearth. Every time you go to the store, you’ll find Reza in his cosy corner so do feel free to chat with him. And while you’re at it, pick up the beautiful products and make your life just a bit more colourful and worldly.