Ten-Second Takeaway

The Cupcake Factory will be giving out free cupcakes over the weekend to celebrate the opening of their store near Mehboob Studios.

On the Platter

The Cupcake Factory will be giving a free cupcake to each visitor this Saturday, July 30, and Sunday, July 31, to celebrate their opening.

The outlet will be serving classics like cookies and cream, red velvet, Boston cream, Nutella and apple cinnamon in their wide range of centre-filled cupcakes that brought them into the spotlight. Apart from their signature cupcakes, they also serve biscotti, cookies, fudges, brownies, cupcake shakes and coffee. We’re dropping by to indulge in some sweet, sweet gluttony.

Free Cupcakes?

Yes, but only one for each customer, and can be picked up between 1pm and 10pm. They will be registering each recipient’s email and phone number, and watching with a hawk eye for those who try to sneak back in for a second freebie. Grab your sugar to go.