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Cat Lovers, Rejoice! This E-Store Is Purr-fect For Us

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What Makes It Awesome

Taylor Swift showers them with love. Our beloved Robert Downey (aka Iron Man) says that he would do anything (even kill, haha) for them. And how can we forget Alia Bhatt when talking about them. Yep. We're talking about our sassy cute little feline friends. CATS. I personally love cats and in fact have two of 'em at home. So, just like any other cat lover, most things surrounded by me (decor, clothes, accessories) by default tend to be cat-themed.  

And I am so so happy and excited to share this adorable e-store which is dedicated entirely to cats and cat lovers. OMG! It's legit like a Disneyland for me. Called Curious Cat Company, this e-store was born during the lockdown period and has been launched recently in June 2020. Find your everyday products with the cutest cat illustrations, quotes and graphics. This idea was solely planned, executed and brought to life by Vinda Dravid, a cat lover herself. Not being able to find enough Indian stores solely dedicated to cat merchandise, she decided to start one herself. (best decision taken, tbh)

Home decor, accessories, framed posters, notebooks, tees, totes, pouches, groceries, mugs, coaster - they've got it all. And I'd only say one thing - good luck choosing a favourite. My personal favourite from their collection is definitely their hoodies, cat-themed metal studs and the cat printed totes. Oh, apart from being a cat lover you're also a stationery lover, they've got the cutest notebooks. EVER. Their products start from INR 125 and upwards. So, go crazy! Really! 

Psst: they've even got a cat-themed jigsaw puzzle. 


Also, they're soon launching a new podcast where you can hear fun cat stories, facts, history and more. And the best? A part of the profits is donated to cat welfare organisations.